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5th-Mar-2008 10:43 pm(no subject)
Clearly, things have not been working out the way we wanted them too. Mistakes have been made, things just haven't gone right--it's been frustrating for all of the mods, and probably for some of you players.

If you've wondered about the lack of updates, we had two people go on hiatus, and two people drop, which left only mod characters playing. This was an incredible disappointment. It's impossible for us to run the game with less than four players. Some of you, I think were still trying to play, but I think there has been some kind of misunderstanding between us what, exactly, makes an RP work.

We never managed to get the participation level we wanted. I think mostly the information is too convuluted, and I think that the application process places too much emphasis on quantity versus quality. There's also been multiple misunderstandings as to what this rp was about and how characters are supposed to work here.

So, we're currently hiatusing. How long it's going to take, I don't know. When we come back, things will be different. Hopefully, not so much the plot--although it may undergo minor revisions. Mostly, we want the information and application process streamlined. We hate to say this, but we do come back, anyone who wants to play will have to reapply. You're free to use the same application you have now, but it will require essentially starting over. For most people, though, I don't see this being a problem.

For now, posts will remain up--if any of you wish to save your logs or posts for your records' sake, I encourage you to do so as soon as possible. I will be on Spring Break this following week and hope to get the majority of the work done then.

Thank you for your time. We're sorry things didn't work out, especially for those of you who were trying to give it your best. We appreciate everything. Please take care, and we hope to see you again when we reopen. If you have any comments, questions, complaints, or anything else you'd like to say, please reply to any of these comments that have been made across the community's groups.
24th-Feb-2008 07:21 pm - 002
I was gone for a while and I'm hearing things about zombies?.... Taiki, it would be lovely if you could fill me in on this... Or someone for that matter.
23rd-Feb-2008 05:39 pm - 004
[Written in hurried script]

I will be out of town for a day or so and unreachable. If you need to get a hold of me, please, leave me a message.
23rd-Feb-2008 02:06 pm(no subject)
Citizens of Silverwhip

The last two days have been a nightmarish whirlwind of confusion for us all. Several good men and women of the force lost their lives in the effort to protect the city; I'm certain that several citizens, too, became unfortunate victims, and certainly all of the good people of Silverwhip have suffered.

We are pleased to announce that, as of 6 am of January the 16th, the situation is under control. Regrettably, there is no known way to lay the raised dead back to their rest once they walk again, so these creatures had to be destroyed. The individual responsible for this tragedy has been apprehended and is currently being held in police custody at our downtown precinct while awaiting to be put on trial.

As of now, the curfew banning after-dark travel has been lifted, and citizens are free to go about their business. If you have any evidence regarding this case, we encourage you to visit the precinct closest to you to give evidence.

-January 16
22nd-Feb-2008 11:58 pm(no subject)

I almost never want to leave the apartment, ever again.
17th-Feb-2008 07:14 pm - 004

This is nuts. Rikku and I got chased back to her house by freaking walking corpses. This is a lot more serious than I figured...

Hope everyone's doing ok...

Dad, Sebastian: doing ok. At Rik's house laying low until dawn. Stay inside and bar the windows please.
17th-Feb-2008 07:55 pm - ♥ 005 ♥
[in sloppy, scrawling hand writing that sort of moves down the page in an uninentional angle, as though she can't see the lines on which she's writing very well.]

Oh man. Guys, don't go outside--lock your doors, close your windows--whatever you can. There's bad things out there. Bad, rotting, man-eating... things. People, once, I guess? Just keep quiet and... be careful. Let me know you guys are okay, okay?? Worried about you all.
15th-Feb-2008 09:47 am - 003
[Written in neat, blocky writing.]

A curfew? What am I supposed to do? My job is at random hours, there's... [writing trails off]

Perhaps I should see about buying a better lock for my door.
14th-Feb-2008 02:01 am - {town gossips}
Who: anim_npc
What: two gossips talking; some event clues
When: January 13 Year 01, Sometime around one in the afternoon
Status: CLOSED {not open for rping with other players}
Notes: Please note that while this entry is not open for direct playing with, you may feel free to have your characters speculate on the information within. Consider it a rumor going around town, if you will. The even starts this Saturday, so please be looking forward to it!
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13th-Feb-2008 09:12 pm - [ 003 ]
[ Written in a lazy scrawl ]

Curfew, huh? I guess it's good that I don't have a night job, but that rules out any staying over at the parents' house late. Hope it doesn't last too long.

Though I'm dying of curiosity about what's actually going on.

Is anyone else ready for spring to be here? I'm just sick of all the snow and dampness. The fur on my tail hasn't laid flat in weeks.

13th-Feb-2008 10:39 am - 003
So I guess a curfew's been imposed? Man, that's pretty annoying... I wonder what kind of suspicious behavior they're talking about? Something weird (rampant necrophiliacs? ew...) or maybe...I dunno. There are worse things than a curfew I guess.
8th-Feb-2008 10:43 am - ♥ 04 ♥
Mm. I know spring's still a long way off, but I can help thinking I can't wait for flowers and warm weather. It actually been really nice all day today--and pretty nice yesterday, too. I'm thinking... uhm... maybe I'll take the day off work tomorrow. That might be nice, huh? I still haven't taken either of my days for Hollere. If I took the one, and saved the other, I could go have a nice relaxing picnic, or something.....

Anyone else feel like ditching responsibility hanging out?
7th-Feb-2008 07:07 am - 002
[Written in neat, blocky writing]

You always seem to meet the most interesting people why you don't try.

I do hope to meet more interesting people.
7th-Feb-2008 07:05 am(no subject)
Haven't posted much on this thing between working in the morning and sleeping during the day... And hanging out with Riku, of course. Now that I have a bit of time, I really wanna go out.

Anyone up for it?
4th-Feb-2008 02:18 pm - 002.
The party...it was really fun. Sorry, Miss Rikku, that I didn't talk long...
29th-Jan-2008 10:35 am - 001
[Written in neat, blocky writing]

In all my life, I have never been quite good at keeping a journal. I seem to constantly have to remind myself that I need to make some sort of note in it, whether it's jibberish or not.

It may seem that most of these entries are private or half-private. Why? I am a fairly private person, I do not like many people prying into buisness in which is none of theirs.

This town is nice, I'm very glad I settled here. Now to see about getting work and the like. How hard it will be, I am not sure. Only time shall tell.
26th-Jan-2008 08:44 pm - 001

[ Written in an elegant cursive]

Now that I'm back from a round of missions I wonder what has changed here? Wonder if Rutherford will drop by on his old friend... Probably not considering the fact he'd rather be in the light.... Oh well.. I do hope to make some friends.

23rd-Jan-2008 08:06 pm - ♥ 003 ♥
Ohh~ Hey guys!~ So Axel said people might be interested in having a party at my place. I think it sounds like a lot of fun ♥ It seems like there's alot of new people around lately (well, hey, that's the city life for ya!) and it might be nice to meet all the new neighbors?

My only request is that everybody bring some drinks or food if we do this, because it's not a party without food and I can't do everything. But there would be pumpkin pie ♥

[OOC: This is the mod/mun requesting that everyone who's interested in participating to let me know by replying to this post.]

EDIT: {as of the morning of January 9th } Okay, so, uhm, it sounds like everyone wants to do this!! I'm really excited ♥♥ So, thanks to Elena and to Axel, cuz, you know, without them, this probably wouldn't be happening? Eh he~

SO ANYWAY. Pary at my place~ Directions and address can be found below ♥ If everyone could bring something, that would be great! But I understand that, you know, it's not always possible since Winter months can be really hard on peoples' wallets. So, uhm, even if you can't bring food, just bring yourself and a smile and I'm sure we'll all have a good time ♥

[location and directions disclosed here]

[ooc: Yes, I'm too lazy to make up a fake address. Sorry, it's 3 AM and my mind is dangerously close to mush right now. Anyway, a thread will be opened up very shortly for this event that you'll be able to find over in anim_logs so feel free to have your character show up at any point for fun tiemz. Yeah.]
23rd-Jan-2008 03:03 pm - 003
[ Written in a scrawl that reeks of Axel's deviousness ]

I think it's time we had a little fun around here.  After all, the snow's melted and it's a lot easier to get around.  I don't spend quite so much time sleeping.

I suggest a party at Rikku's place.
20th-Jan-2008 05:00 pm(no subject)
Who knew that soup could taste so good?
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